Oleg Gradov is a Senior Researcher ,Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics ,Russia

Oleg Gradov

Senior Researcher

Organizing Committee


Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics


Oleg V. Gradov is the Senior Researcher at the Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow), working in the Department of Chemical and Biological Processes Dynamics.


His recent works are focused on lab-on-a-chip design for multispectral multiparametric mapping, SBGN-ERD-mapping of biological samples, chemometric microspectroscopy and spectroelectrochemical electro-morphological techniques.


He is the author of 150 journal papers (and >100 conference papers and reports), and an editorial board member of 10 journals. His recent grants include: “Development of the novel physical methods for complex biomedical diagnostics based on position-sensitive mapping with the angular resolution at the tissue and cellular levels using analytical labs-on-a-chip” (RFBR 16-32-00914) and “Lab-on-a-chip development for personalized diagnostics” (FASIE 0019125). He is also an ambassador of “ASAPBio” (Accelerating Science and Publication in Biology, based in Cambridge, USA*) in Russia and member of several comities (Technical Committee on Standards, IEEE [Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society]; Technical Committee on Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing, IEEE [Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society]; IEEE Biometrics Council**; etc.).


Gradov, O. V. and Gradova, M. A. (2019). Microwave enthrakometric labs-on-a-chip and on-chip enthrakometric catalymetry: From non-conventional chemotronics towards microwave-assisted chemosensors. 


Kochervinskii, V. V., Gradova, M. A., Gradov, O. V., Kiselev, D. A., Ilina, T. S., Kalabukhova, A. V., Kozlova, N. V., Shmakova, N. A., and Bedin, S. A. (2019). Structural, optical, and electrical properties of ferroelectric copolymer of vinylidenefluoride doped with rhodamine 6g dye. 


Gradov, O. V. and Gradova, M. A. (2018). Photoinduced spatiotemporal oscillations and self-organization of dissipative structures in polymer-immobilized dispersed semiconductors. 


Gradov, O. V., Nasirov, P. A., and Jablokov, A. G. (2018). Lensless on-chip-hemocytometry with secondary processing of cell images in the framework of an unconventional photometric model. 


Gradov, O. V. and Gradova, M. A. (2018). Membrane mimetic materials in protocell design and modeling. 


Gradov, O. V. (2018). Multi-angle goniometric computer-assisted lab-on-a-chip reading system stage for vacuum-gas chambers based on analytical scanning electron microscopy platform (goniometric CLEM chambers). 


Gradov, O. V., Krukowskikh, V. V., Nasirov, P. A., and Jablokov, A. G. (2018). Multi-axis goniometric 3d-visualization of vector diagrams of optical characteristics of dispersed and biological structures on a chip using different laser scanning regimes and trajectories. 


Gradov, O. V. and Gradova, M. A. (2018). –źdditive manufacturing of self-organized crystal structures as novel materials for sensor mesofluidic chips based on layer-by-layer growth and their microcrystallomorphological analysis. 


Adamovich, E. D., Alexandrov, P. L., and Gradov, O. V. (2017). Lock-in/phase-sensitive spectral nanovoltmetric patch-clamp with frequency discrimination (φ-ω-patch-clamp) as simple technology for single ion channel registration in cellular biomedicine. 


Gradov, O. V. (2017). Basic optical and corpuscular physical principles for lab-on-a-chip constructions with multiple non-optical physical signal conversions into oas (optical analytical signals) in multiparametric experimental biomedical engineering customizations. 


Gradov, O. V. (2016). Can graphene bilayers be the membrane mimetic materials? 


Gradov, O. V. and Gradova, M. A. (2016). Methods of electron microscopy of biological and abiogenic structures in artificial gas atmospheres. 


 Gradoff, O. (2012). Visualization of photoinduced self-organization processes in reaction-diffusion media for modelling of abiogenesis and primitive waves in morhogenesis. 


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