Nagendra Kumar Kaushik is a Associate Professor ,Kwangwoon University,India

Nagendra Kumar Kaushik

Associate Professor

Organizing Committee


Kwangwoon University


1. A Feedback loop comprising EGF/TGF-α Sustains TFCP2-mediated Breast Cancer Progression.

2. Pulsed high-power microwaves do not impair the functions of skin normal and cancer cells in vitro: a short-term biological evaluation.

3. Impact of ROS Generated by Chemical, Physical, and Plasma Techniques on Cancer Attenuation.

4. Preventing the solid cancer progression via release of anticancer-cytokines in co-culture with cold plasma-stimulated macrophages

5. Cold atmospheric plasma and silymarin nanoemulsion synergistically inhibits human melanoma tumorigenesis via targeting HGF/c-MET downstream pathway.

6. Low dose radiation regulates BRAF-induced thyroid cellular dysfunction and transformation.

7. Melanoma Growth Analysis in Blood Serum and Tissue Using Xenograft Model with Response to Cold Atmospheric Plasma Activated Medium.

8. Cold Atmospheric Plasma and Silymarin Nanoemulsion Synergistically Inhibits Human Melanoma Tumorigenesis Via Targeting HGF/c-MET Downstream Pathway.

9. Biomedical Application of Plasma with Nanomaterials.

10. Gold Quantum Dots Impairs the Tumorigenic Potential of Glioma Stem-like Cells via β-catenin Downregulation in vitro.

11. Coagulation, deformability, and aggregation of RBCs and platelets following exposure to dielectric barrier discharge plasma with the use of different feeding gases.

12. Biological and medical application of plasma-activated media, water and solutions.

13. Immuno-modulatory effect of bio-plasma against cancer and other dreadful disease.

14. “Generation and Role of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species Induced by Plasma, Lasers, Chemical Agents and Other Systems in Dentistry”

15. “Phytosphingosine exhibits an anti-epithelial–mesenchymal transition function by the inhibition of EGFR signaling in human breast cancer cells”

16. “Types of devices used in ridge split procedure for alveolar bone expansion: A systematic review”

17. “Flexible ligated ruthenium(II) self-assemblies sensitizes glioma tumor initiating cells in vitro”

18. “Nanosecond-Pulsed DBD Plasma-Generated Reactive Oxygen Species Trigger Immunogenic Cell Death in A549 Lung Carcinoma Cells through Intracellular Oxidative Stress”

19. “Treatment of oral hyperpigmentation and gummy smile using lasers and role of plasma as a novel treatment technique in dentistry: An introductory review”

20. “Low-dose radiation decreases tumor progression via the inhibition of the JAK1/STAT3 signaling axis in breast cancer cell lines”

21. “T-2 mycotoxin: toxicological effects and decontamination strategies”

22. “Low doses of PEG-coated gold nanoparticles sensitize solid tumors to cold plasma by blocking PI3K/AKT driven signaling axis to suppress cellular transformation with growth and metastasis inhibition”

23. “Radiation driven epithelial-mesenchymal transition is mediated by Notch signaling in breast cancer

24. “Data on combination effect of PEG-coated gold nanoparticles and non-thermal plasma inhibits the growth of solid tumors”

25. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2016, 26, 2237-44. “Novel Aminoalkylated Azaphenothiazines as Potential Inhibitors of T98G, H460 and SNU80 Cancer Cell Lines in Vitro” [Authorship: Co-author] Impact factor: 2.5 (JCR Q1 ranking)

26. “Optical and Structural Properties of Plasma-Treated T98G Brain Tumor Cells”

27. “Self-Styled ZnO Nanostructures Promotes the Cancer Cell Damage and Supresses the Epithelial Phenotype of Glioblastoma”

28. “Cytotoxic macrophage-released tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) as a killing mechanism for cancer cell death after cold plasma activation”

29. “Beneficial effects of low dose radiation in response to the oncogenic KRAS induced cellular transformation”

30. “Advances in gene delivery systems”

31. “Non-thermal plasma with 2-deoxy-D-glucose synergistically induces cell death by targeting glycolysis in blood cancer cells”

32. “Responses of Solid Tumor Cells in DMEM to Reactive Oxygen Species Generated by Non-Thermal Plasma and Chemically Induced ROS Systems”

33. “Biomedical and Clinical Importance of Mussel-Inspired Polymers and Materials”

34. “Utilization of photocatalytic ZnO nanoparticles for deactivation of safranine dye and their statistical analytical applications”

35. “Construction of Nanostructures: A Basic Concept Synthesis and Their Applications”.

36. “Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Efficiently Delivers an Apoptotic Response in Human Monocytic Lymphoma”

37. “Altered antioxidant system stimulates dielectric barrier discharge plasma-induced cell death for solid tumor cell treatment”

38. “Oxidative stress and cell death induced in U-937 human monocytic cancer cell line by non-thermal atmospheric air plasma soft jet”

39. “Self-assembled supramolecular hetero-bimetallacycles for anticancer potency via intracellular release”

40. “Design and synthesis of novel 2H-chromen-2-one derivatives bearing 1,2,3-triazole moiety as lead antimicrobials”

41. “Syntheses, characterization, and anti-cancer activities of pyridine-amide based compounds containing appended phenol or catechol groups”

42. “Quantitative determination of raw and functionalized carbon nanotubes for the antibacterial studies”

43. “ZnO Nanoparticles Induces Cell Death in Malignant Human T98G Gliomas, KB and Non-Malignant HEK Cells”

44. “Enhancement of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle L6 cells and insulin secretion in pancreatic hamster-insulinoma-transfected cells by application of non-thermal plasma jet

45. “Photocatalytic Oxidation of Acetaldehyde with ZnO-Quantum Dots”

46. “A Preliminary Study of the Effect of DBD Plasma and Osmolytes on T98G Brain Cancer and HEK Non-Malignant Cells”

47. “Biomedical importance of indoles”

48. “Antibacterial and Cytotoxic Activity of Diterpenoids from Indian Plectranthus coesta”

49. “Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of Di(3-thienyl)methanol and Di(3-thienyl)methane”

50. “The effect of jet and DBD plasma on NCI-78 blood cancer cells”.

51. “Synthesis and anti-proliferative activity of ammonium and imidazolium ionic liquids against T98G brain cancer cells”

52. “Synthesis, characterization, and antibacterial and anticancer screening of {M2+–Co3+–M2+} and {Co3+–M2+}(M is Zn, Cd, Hg) heterometallic complexes”

53. “ Effect of jet plasma on T98G human brain cancer cells”

54. “TMAO and sorbitol attenuate the deleterious action of atmospheric pressure non-thermal jet plasma on α-chymotrypsin”

55. “Micronucleus formation induced by dielectric barrier discharge plasma exposure in brain cancer cells”

56. “Effects of atmospheric-pressure non-thermal plasma jets on enzyme solutions”

57. “Micronucleus formation induced by dielectric barrier discharge plasma exposure in brain cancer cells”

58. Nonthermal Bioplasma Diagnostics and its Applications to the Microbial and Living Cellst.

59. Effect of DBD plasma on human cells in presence of osmolytes and denaturant.

60. “Fabrication and growth mechanism of ZnO nanostructures and their cytotoxic effect on human brain tumor U87, cervical cancer HeLa, and normal HEK cells”

61. “Synthesis, structure and anticancer activity of copper(II) complexes of N-benzyl-2-(diethylamino)acetamide and 2-(diethylamino)-N-phenylethylacetamide”

62. Synthesis, structure and biological activity of copper (II) complexes of 4-(2-pyridylmethyl)-1, 7-dimethyl-1, 4, 7-triazonane-2, 6-dione and 4-(2-pyridylethyl)-1, 7-dimethyl-1, 4, 7-triazonane-2, 6-dione”

63. “Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of cobalt (III) complexes with pyridine-amide ligands”


  Institution: University of Delhi, India (Dr. B R Ambedkar Center for Biomedical       Research)
  Year:  2005-2010
  Degree: Ph.D.
  Major: Biomedical Sciences(Drug Development & Cancer Biology)


  Institution: Indian Law Institute (ILI), Supreme Court of India
  Year:  2008-2009
  Degree: PG Diploma
  Major: Intellectual Property Rights


  Institution: Institute of Biomedical Science, Bundelkhand University, India
  Year: 2003-2005
  Degree: M.Sc.
  Major: Biomedical Sciences


  Institution: CCS University, India
  Year: 2000-2003
  Degree: B.Sc.
  Major: Biology and Chemistry


Cell and Immune Biology

•             Oncogene

•             Cancer EMT and Metastasis

•             Cancer stem cells

•             Tumor microenvironment

•             Ubiquitin E3 Ligases

•             Micro-RNAs (miRs)

•             Cancer Molecular Biochemistry

•             Immuno-modulation

•             Metadatabase Search

•             Genetic silencing             

Plasma Medicine

•             Cold plasma medicine for Cancers/ Alzheimer/ Skin Disorders

•             Plasma devices toxicity evaluation

•             Plasma sterilization

•             Combination synergistic effects

•             Plasma induced immunomodulations

•             Plasma activated media (PAM), solutions (PAS) and water (PAW)

Radiation Biology

•             Ionizing radiations

•             Non-ionizing radiation

•             Low dose radiations

•             High dose radiations

•             Radiation sensitizers

•             Radiation protection      

Bio-Nanotechnology and Chemical Biology

•             Biocompatible nanomaterials

•             Anticancer and toxicity evaluation nanomaterials and chemicals

•             Metabolic modifiers for cancer treatments

•             ROS scavengers and inducers


  • [ACE Best Convergence Course Award], Introduction to Biomedical Science, by Korean Government ACE Program at Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea.
  • [Best Presentation Award] N Kaushik et al. Targeting cellular glycolysis by combination effect of soft jet plasma and 2-deoxy-D-glucose (metabolic modifier) in blood cancers” Outstanding Poster Paper Award. 4th International Symposium on Plasma Biosciences, 17-20 August, 2014, Plasma Bioscience Research Center, Delpino Resort, Sokcho, Ganwon-do, Korea.
  • DST award for a travel grant to visit Switzerland in 2009
  • JRF and SRF fellowship award by Ministry of Science & Technology (CSIR) and DRDO, Ministry of Defence, India
  • University Merit Holder (with distinction) in 2005 for Master degree
  • Selected as Member of Parliament, Youth Parliament of India in 2004
  • SURP fellowship award by ACBR, Delhi University in 2004
  • College gold medalist in natural science department (1st Rank with Distinction) in 2003
  • University Merit Holder with distinction in BSc degree course in 2003
  • NCC “C” Certificate Award by Indian Army in 2003
  • College Best Poster and Assay Competition Award at college in 2002


  • Prof. Ramesh Chandra, Professor & Head, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi.
  • Prof. Eun Ha Choi, Director/Chairman, Plasma Bioscience Research Center and Applied Plasma Medicine Center, Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea.
  • Prof. Su Jae Lee, Professor, Department of Life Science, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea.
  • Prof. Alexander Fridman, Director, Drexel Plasma Institute (DPI), Drexel University, Philadelphia, United States.
  • Prof. Michael Keidar, School of Engineering and Applied, George Washington University, Washington DC United States.
  • Prof. Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, Director, Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie e.V. (INP), Greifswald, Germany.
  • Prof. Kai Masur, Group Leader, Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie e.V. (INP), Greifswald, Germany.
  • Prof. Rizwan Wahab, Professor, Department of Zoology, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Prof. Masaru Hori, Professor & Director, Department of Electronic and Electric Engineering Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan.
  • PD Dr. habil. Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Group Leader: Functional Nanomaterials Chair, Institute of Material Science, Kiel University, Kiel, Germany
  • Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Verma, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, India.
  • Dr. Rajeev Varshney, Senior Scientist, Deference Research and Development Organization, Delhi, India.
  • Prof. Rambir Singh, Professor & Head, Department of Biomedical Science, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, India.
  • Prof. Sarman Singh, Director, AIIMS Bhopal & Professor, AIIMS Delhi, India.
  • Prof. Jai Gopal Sharma, Dean/Head, Department of Biotechnology, Delhi Technological University, India.
  • Dr. Sander Bekechus, Group Leader, Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung und Technologie e.V. (INP), Greifswald, Germany.
  • Dr. Abraham Lin, Department of Chemistry, University of Antwerpen, Belgium.
  • Prof. Annemie Bogaerts, Director, PLASMANT, Department of Chemistry, University of Antwerpen, Belgium.
  • Prof. Vittorio Colombo, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale, Viale Risorgimento 2, Bologna, Italy.
  • Prof. Vandana Miller, Drexel University, Philadelphia, United States.

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