Michael Anjello Jothi Rajan is a Project Advisor,Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology,India

Michael Anjello Jothi Rajan

Project Advisor

Organizing Committee


Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology


  • Michael Anjello Jothi Rajan, Ph.D., Doctorate in Physics, (Ph .D. Physics), had retired from active service on 31.05.2017 an Associate professor of Physics, Director, Bio-Nano Research Laboratory and Dean of Research in Arul Anandar College (Autonomous), Karumathur – 625514, India. 
  • He also headed the Department of Foundation Courses as an honorary member. He encourages women researchers to come up in life as India is a country where women are ill-treated and considered inferior to men.
  • He is a popular science communicator and has started many science clubs in rural high schools in Tamil Nadu, India.
  • He has specialized in Human Rights, Personality Development, Environmental Studies, Bioethics, Biocosmology, and Peace education.
  • He is a recipient of many awards in Physics as well as humanitarian. 
  • He has written books on Human Rights, Bioethics, Personality Development, and Environmental Studies.
  • He has many projects in Biomedical engineering, Eco-Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and socio-economic development of Below Poverty Line families in rural Tamil Nadu. His team works seriously on Cancer cells. This lab is short of many good instrumentations but his well-wishers in many countries had come forward to help his team. He and his team (8 Research Scholars) are open for any type of collaboration with teams of similar missions. Currently he is a member of the following associations: Life member of Acoustical Society of India, Life member of Geological Society of India, Life Member of All India Bioethics Association, Member of Asian Bioethics Commission, Member of Eubios Ethics Institute’s Bioethics Education Project, Regional Co-ordinator of Bioethics educational project in India for Eubios Ethics Institute, Bangkok, Japan, New Zealand , Member in International Association of Bioethics (IAB), Member – Coordinator for Understanding Planet Earth (UPE) programme for Tamil Nadu state, India, Member of the Working Group of Ethics of Climate Change in the Asia Pacific (ECCAP) Project of UNESCO, Bangkok (Co-chair for Working Group 3), Vice-president for India of the Biocosmological Association, Member, Commission on Education and Communication, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Volunteer for popularizing VIPNET science clubs in rural south Tamil Nadu , Member, American Chemical Society, USA, Member, United Nation’s on-line-volunteering Services, Life member of the Ultrasonics Society of India,  Member of Board of Directors of Association of Mind Studies and Biocosmology, Chung Ang University, Seoul, South Korea.
  • He is in the editorial board and reviewer board for many national and international journals.
  • He is in the Technical Advisory Committee for many International Conferences in the field of Cancer Theranostics. At present, he serves as the Project Advisor in the prestigious Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

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