Mahammad A Nurmammadov  is a Professor,Pedagogical University ,Azerbaijan

Mahammad A Nurmammadov


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Pedagogical University


Mahammad A. Nurmammadov graduated from Mathematics and 1987 at Novosibirsk State University (Russian). Department of Applied Mathematics  Post graduated with Ph. Degree of Physical Mathematics (dissertation title: On the solvability of a some boundary value problems for mixed type differential equations with some degenerating planes") Second degree Doctor of Science Researches (dissertation title: “┬ŁOn the solvability of local and nonlocal boundary value problems for non-classical equations of mathematical physics in multi-dimensional domain “) Worked in Novosibirsk State University (USSR), Head of department, and Vice-Rector of Scientific Affairs of Lankaran State University, associated professor at the Oil Academy Azerbaijan (department of applied mathematics ) and present Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.


He is Chief-in Editor of some of the journals in America, member of editorial board of more than 22 journals of countries (America, Europe, India, Ukraine and so on), invited as conference chair, session chair, plenary speaker, renowned speaker, keynote speaker member scientific committee. organization committee and reviewers of 58 international conferences, symposiums, more than 800 refereed papers, Published book in USA, and 51 papers and at the first time obtained new general form of typeless system equations ( for linear and nonlinear cases) and new well-posed boundary value problems which is has application in physical fields, astrophysical conditions problems and for the problems of transonic flow, noise, plasma. Finding the solution of degenerating system equations having singularity, which arise on MHD waves and plasma in Sun. Considered an application the new non-classical model approaches to the Parker”s solar wind, magnetic field models. Additionally, considered problems with transition subsonic-supersonic (Tran-sonic)at critical point having application solar wind. Moreover, obtained the solvability of a new boundary value problem for higher-order non-classical linear equations. Established mathematical modeling of languages and constructed theorem of concurrences between world languages, other applications of mathematical modeling in natural sciences.

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