Jagdish W Dadge is a Professor,University of Pune,Pune

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1. Jagdish W. Dadge, S. K. Apte, S. D. Naik, B.B.Kale, R.C.Aiyer “Temperature Dependent Nonlinear Coefficients and Second Harmonic Generation in Quaternary Glass System Doped with TiO2”.

2. Jagdish W.Dadge, M. Islam, A. K. Dharmadhikari, S. R. Mahamuni, R. C. Aiyer “Hyper Rayleigh Scattering in Electrochemically Synthesized Ag-Au Coupled Clusters”.

3. Jagdish. W. Dadge, K. G. KANADEa, B. B.KALE, D. P.AMALNERKARb, R. C.AIYER “Hyper Rayleigh Scattering in CdS nanoparticles grown in PPS polymer”

4. Jagdish W.Dadge, M. Islam, A. K. Dharmadhikari, S. R. Mahamuni, R. C. Aiyer “Nonlinear Optical Properties of Electrochemically Synthesized Au nanoparticles”.

5. Jagdish W. Dadge, V.N.Krishnamurthy, R.C.Aiyer “Nitrogen Laser Induced Fluorescence in Laser Dyes for Sensing of Organic Compounds”.

6. P.V.Adhyapak, P.K.Khanna, Jagdish W.Dadge, R.C.aiyer, “Tuned Optical Properties of in Situ Synthesized m-NA Doped Ag/PVA Nanocomposites”.

7. Parag V. Adhyapak,  Prashant R. Karandikar, Jagdish W. Dadge,   Rohini C. Aiyer   and Asha J. Chandwadkar, “Synthesis, characterization and optical properties of silver and gold nanowires embedded in mesoporous MCM-41”.

8. R.K. Goyal, S.R.Damkale, U.P.Mulik, Y.S.Negi, Jagdish W.Dadge, R.C.Aiyer, “SHG relaxation behaviour in m-nitroaniline doped PMMA guest-host system”.

9. M.S. Sureshkumar, R.K. Goyal, Y.S. Negi, A. Pratheepkumar, K. Raghunatha Reddy, R.P. Singh, Jagdish W. Dadge and R.C. Aiyer, "Studies on the feasibility of recycled polystyrene doped with NLO active meta-Nitroaniline for optoelectronics applications".

10. Jagdish W. Dadge, Deepak Thakur "A technique for sensing organic compounds using fluorescence maximum shift in laser dyes ".

11. K.A. Bogle, K.D. More, Jagdish W. Dadge, M.P. Mahabole, R.S. Khairnar "Nano-crystalline TiO2 thin film: Synthesis and investigation of its optical switching characteristics".

12. K.A. Bogle, Jagdish W. Dadge, "Optical and Electrical Properties of F doped SnO2 Thin Films".

13. Shivaji Munde, Nilesh Shinde, Pooja Khanzode, Maithilee Budrukkar, Pooja Lahane, Jagdish Dadge, Suhas Jejurikar, Megha Mahabole, Rajendra Khairnar and Kashinath Bogle "Nano-Crystalline CdS Thick Films: A Highly Sensitive Photo-Detector".

14. Yuvraj Singh Negi, Chandra viswa shanthi, Jagdish W. Dadge, R.C. Aiyer "Novel free standing film material based on meta-nitroaniline doped polyether sulfone for frequency doubling applications" Communicated to Advanced Materials Letters


Experimental Physics: Synthesis of nanoparticles by various methods. Deposition of Au nanoparticles using a sonochemical method on the surface of nanoparticles. Non-linear optical properties of metal nanoparticles, semiconductor nanoparticles, m-NA doped polymer films, and glasses. Synthesis of metal nanoparticles by laser ablation method. Nitrogen laser pumped dye laser and laser-induced fluorescence in laser dyes.

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