Henadzi Filipenka is a Independent researcher,Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute ,Belarus

Henadzi Filipenka

Independent researcher

Organizing Committee


Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute


Born in 1948 in the Grodno region of the Belarusian SSR of the Soviet Union. After serving in the army, he graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute (LETI) with a degree in semiconductors and dielectrics.


Single crystals of yttrium garnet were grown in lead oxide melts at NPO Ferrit. Since 1986, he worked out the technology of production of products by powder metallurgy methods at the Kazan Scientific Research Radiotechnological Institute. He graduated from labor as a teacher of materials science at the Grodno Electrotechnical College in 2014.


During his studies at LETI, he tried to explain the nature of phase transitions in barium titanate. During his career, he sought the mechanisms of interaction of atoms during the formation of various crystal lattices of metals. Along the way, I built a table of elements.

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